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The Beans

There are two main varieties of beans: Arabica and Robusta. Colombia is one of the only countries that produces 100% Arabica beans. Less caffeine than Robusta, Arabica beans are a little sweeter, a little smoother, and known for their chocolate notes. Most coffee lovers choose Arabica.

Have you heard about Protected Designation of Origin?

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), is a designation only issued to a product or food that is traditionally and entirely manufactured (produced, processed, and prepared) in a specific region. These types of certifications are legal protections that guarantee that the consumer can buy with confidence and the producers are rewarded fairly for their effort. Simply Colombian coffee received this designation, you can find the seal on the front of our bags.  

Prepare to enjoy a cup of Simply Colombian coffee, entirely produced, processed and prepared in the region of Valle del Cauca in Colombia.  100% Colombian, guaranteed.

FUN FACT: The cup profile of our Simply Colombian Coffee contemplates an intense aroma, medium acidity and medium body, combining its varied notes of red fruits and the sweetness of the caramel like the molassess of the sugar cane crops that surround the coffee plantations in this region.