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Origin: Valle del Cauca, Colombia



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Tasting notes are what you taste – what you can expect from that cup of coffee. Try this experiment, next time you brew some coffee, sniff then slurp. When you slurp the coffee, be sure to coat your whole palate with the coffee, as it cools, you’ll experience different aspects of the flavour.

What is coffee aroma? Aroma and taste are the primary factors that determine your coffee preference. Simply Colombian coffee smells a lot like caramel.

What is coffee acidity? Acidity in coffee is a good thing. Without acidity, your coffee will be dull and boring. High acidity can cause your lips to pucker, low acidity can be dull and boring. Criollo shines a little above the middle.

What is coffee body? It’s how the coffee feels on your tongue (think about milk: whole, 2%, 1%, all feel a little different); the bean, where it was grown, and how it was roasted all play a part in this. How you brew your coffee will also change the body: french press will give you the fullest body, and anything with a paper filter leaves you with a lighter body.

What is coffee flavour? The flavour is what you’re going to taste when you take that first sip. We recommend a little sniff before you sip; it helps to get your mouth ready. Smooth means it’s not overpowering bitterness or acidity; in particular, you’re going to taste the influence of other crops in the region where Simply Colombian coffee is grown, namely, sugar cane.

Medium-roast coffees are generally those that have been roasted between the first and second crack. Roasting this way reveals a smoother, more balanced flavour.


100% Colombian Arabica whole bean coffee; medium body, smooth flavor. Pairs well with apples, butter croissants, savory or sweet bread, pretzels and ice cream.

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