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Origin: Valle del Cauca, Colombia



Cup Profile

Tasting notes are what you taste – what you can expect from this cup of coffee. Try an experiment:  next time you brew some coffee, sniff then slurp. The sniff gets your palate ready.  When you slurp, be sure to coat your whole palate with the coffee.  As  it cools, you’ll experience different aspects of the flavour. Because of Valle del Cauca is known for it’s sugar cane crops, you will taste caramel and panela in each sip.

 Aroma and taste are the primary factors that determine your coffee preference. Our dark roast has a rich, slightly smoky aroma – the aroma you crave when you think of a good cup of coffee.

 Acidity in coffee is a good thing.  Berraco sits below the middle making your cup a little lower in acidity because of the way the beans have been roasted – they’re removed at the second crack.

Coffee body describes mouth feel – how the coffee feels on your tongue (think about milk: whole, 2%, 1%, all feel a little different).  Berraco is full-bodied  and if you enjoy french press expect to be amazed.

Coffee flavour is what you taste on that first sip.  Berraco is rich, slightly smoky, and has a satisfying fullness.  You can still taste the notes of caramel and panela from the sugar cane crops grown in this region, but this dark roast, makes these flavours a little more intense.  

Berraco beans are roasted to the second crack, which lowers the overall acidity and at the same time leaves you with more body. The rich smoky flavour coupled with this intense caramelization will have you wanting another cup.


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