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Handcrafted Mugs

Elevate your coffee drinking experience with one of our stunning handcrafted mugs.  These beauties are made in Colombia by a local artisan who has uniquely designed and handcrafted each individual piece.  Made with love by MissPex, these delightful mugs are sure to spark a conversation.  Get yours today.

Every sip is exceptional with this handmade glazed ceramic mug that has a yellow canvas with blue and red dots and white interior.  Perfect for your favorite coffee beverage. 
This modern-rustic handmade glazed ceramic mug has a warm neutral canvas with a sophisticated splatter texture available in 2 colours: moss green or plum.  Splatter pattern is unique to every cup. 
Reminiscent of the white sandy beaches and seven coloured sea you’ll experience at San Andres Island, this white mug has a matte glazed canvas and horizontal handle making it the ideal backdrop for the hand painted blue and green swirls on the inside.  Definitely a show stopper and absolutely perfect for your favorite coffee beverage. 
This humble mug is handmade and glazed ceramic in three unique pastel colours: ivory, pale blue and rose.  Meant to be hugged, the rustic design will leave you feeling cozy and warm sip after sip of your favorite coffee beverage. 
Simple, earth-toned and rustic.  These handmade mugs are uniquely glazed in a way that leaves you feeling charmed.  Enjoy your next coffee beverage in this mug. 

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